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From sharing rooms to sharing mindsets – Truth of coliving

Co-living is the coexistence of SHARED rooms and SHARED mindsets. Brought into the modern cities as a smart concept of…

Co-living is the coexistence of SHARED rooms and SHARED mindsets. Brought into the modern cities as a smart concept of living that brings comfort at the cut-down cost, co-living has emerged to be a concept that takes the evolving lifestyle of every urbanite into account and brings the ultimate “living solution”. With every corner of the metropolitan cities swarming with shared rooms and PGs, “the quality of living” is reimagined with co-living where a person can revel in furnished spaces equipped with everything from television to crockery. They further enjoy the “real privacy” brought by a numbered sharing count (Less than 4-sharing in case of HyLiv) and individual storage furniture. This undisturbed privacy when coupled with the benefits of a community to back up, gives the perfect millennial solution.


Replacing nomadic life with communal life.

Amidst being a Built-To-Suit (BTS) accommodation model, the co-living spaces don’t focus on the entirety of individualism. Having been ‘digital nomads’ already, the people at co-living spaces need more than just undisturbed privacy. That is why co-living aims at building “communities” that foster mutual support in the new cities that the audience of co-living crowds seek.

Because ultimately, people need people.


Here, people are never scared of living alone because they are not alone! They have people just like them, around them.

If you are at a co-living space, you have people who

  • SHARE their stories with you
  • CARE for you mood swings
  • DARE to get a common Netflix account with you
  • SPARE that extra pizza for you

HyLiv has some personalised additions to the co-living community lifestyle:

1. The Comfort of living

Work from home has been easier than ever before! Free wi-fi and some coffee freshly brewed from the kitchen is perfect for remote working scenarios.

2. The Joy of living

Staying at room will be like staying at home when the right people are around! Friends who make you not miss your family and cheer you up to make “the indoors” feel better than “the outdoors” are what make difficult times fly away.

3. The Freedom of living

Distance doesn’t matter! If being away from home is bad, being new to a city is worse. A serviced stay with everything from laundry till the housekeeping right on the “inside” makes anyone forget worry over 11th hour needs.


The reception from the selling crowd

Most icons in the real estate industry, institutional investors and major corporates are welcoming these co-living concepts that have a huge growth potential on urban housing markets. The interest from the investor crowd has had a high capital flow into the co-living sector. This has made co-living space an asset class business model that benefits every stakeholder group, along with the attempt of bridging the gap between what the millennial population want and what they get.

To respond to the millennial housing needs, co-living operators buy or lease properties from landowners in the desired locations. These owners have the choice of taking up the redesign and furnishing to make it ‘feel’ ideal for the dwellers, reflecting psychological comfort within the spaces.

Amidst the advantage of location, which in turn fosters the conversion of generic places into co-living spaces, these shared communities can turn urban nodes into valuable millennial hubs that make half the population forget about the concern on traffic during workspace commute.

Because ultimately, people are what make the city.


The truth of co-living is that it is a mutually valuable preference of a customer and the co-living company that brings the ultimate urban solution in the cities of today.

Akshaya Muralikumar

Akshaya Muralikumar, A graduate architect turned writer with an eye for detail and lookout for experiences & stories. Being "An Architect of Thoughts", she has had her thoughts transform into words across multiple blog and magazine platforms on Construction, Architecture, Interior Design, Hospitality and allied subjects.

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